The coat of arms present on top of the large fire place in the hall at the Ground Floor of the Mansion confirms that this palace in the Bergamo’s countryside is a Villa belonging to the Tasso family. Turbulent is the story of the family which by mid 1600 became the truly noble Thurn (tower) und Taxis (badger), one of the more ancient and prestigious aristocratic families of Europe and still today one of the richest of Germany. Celebrated, in particular, is princess Gloria, during the Ninety Eighties she became famous for her extravagant hair style, parties, balls, jewellery, concerts and travels around the world. A true fairy-tale started in the XIII century with Omodeo de Tassis del Cornello, deemed to be the head of the dynasty to which also Torquato, the great author of the «Gerusalemme liberata», belongs and the descendents who became the couriers of the Vatican, Venice, Milan, of kings and emperors all over Europe. On the coat of arms which belongs to the house the tower of the Thurn family is not present yet, instead you can see an eagle on top which symbolises the nobility which the family already possessed. Furthermore the presence of the badger in the coat of arms indicates that the family who owned our lands was that of the postal couriers.